Suzanne Longstreet is Founder of Success & Clarity. Suzanne is a Clarity Coach and the Founder & CEO of Pinkpreneurs.  Suzanne coaches female entrepreneurs (aka Pinkpreneurs) to Unleash Your Potential.

As a designated NLP Master Coach & Trainer Suzanne also guarantees your results in writing.

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Suzanne's Credentials:

Designated Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis Trainer, Creating Your Future Processes (TM), and NLP Coaching.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the behaviour based science of excellence and how to reproduce it.  Simply put, Suzanne is trained in the top mind body techniques used in 38 countries to move you forward and to run your program of magnificence.  

Suzanne is also a Certified Coach with an Individual Coaching Certificate from the Transformational Arts College and a Certified Professional Coaching certificate from Coaches Institute International.  In combination with these coaching certificates, she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

Suzanne's Coaching Style:

  • Suzanne is different from other business coaches, because she coaches the whole person.  You will spend time discovering the strategies that you're running that no longer serve you. You'll move you over the obstacles in your life to successfully forward in your business.  You are, after all, a whole person operating a business and are treated as such.

  • Here's how one client described Suzanne's coaching style: "You know how to push when we need it, stand firm when we need it and be gentle when we need it. You lead by example, you walk the talk, you are real and are constantly learning and growing blazing a trail of opportunity for all."

  • Suzanne sees the potential in you and will coach you to exceed your own expectations.  She will move you quickly towards your results.  You will discover what is stopping you from creating the life and business you deserve. You will get actionable solutions for your best results.  Suzanne specializes in what works for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  • Remember, as a Master NLP Coach, Suzanne guarantees your results in writing!
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 Photo by andrea Marchant as it happens photography

Photo by andrea Marchant as it happens photography


Suzanne is also the Founder and CEO of Pinkpreneurs.  Pinkpreneurs is a movement consisting of strong entrepreneurial women and provides opportunities for women to build, collaborate, commit, refer and educate each other to build the wildly successful business of their dreams. 

Pinkpreneurs are changing the world.  Today, more than ever before, more women are starting successful businesses and changing the world around them.  

Suzanne's Mission:

Leading & inspiring female entrepreneurs to connect to your passion, your purpose and your power to unleash your potential and worth.