Episode 002 - You are Your Brand & Your Brand is You!

Episode Two of Invisible to Invincible Podcast is a jam packed conversation about You are Your Brand and Your Brand is You! Clarity Coach Suzanne Longstreet, the Founder and CEO of Pinkpreneurs and Master NLP Coach and Trainer is in studio with Sherri Griffin where they talk about your brand.

Suzanne teaches us that a brand is a promise!  Consistency and Value are key ingredients to her personal brand promise.

KLT is the Know, Like, Trust factor.  

Make sure your clients KNOW who you are and what services you offer.

People want to work with folks they LIKE and sometimes they like you quickly, other times they may take some time to understand your similarities.

TRUST is built on respect you earn from and give to your clients.

This week's  tip:  What is your promise? Spend a few minutes this week and write out a paragraph that expresses your promise, what's important to you and your business, who you are and who the clients you're looking to attract are.

Must Attend Event: Unleashing Your Potential, The Secrets to Being Invincible.  Get your tickets today as the Early Bird price ends on Friday, November 18th, 2016.

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