Episode 005 - Clearing Your Clutter

Suzanne begins a new mini series that is designed to help you create your most Invincible Year Yet! Listen in as she covers five key tips from a robust checklist that you're going to want to do personally.  

This first of four episodes in her mini series is about Clearing Your Clutter.  By doing so you'll be laying the foundation for a prosperous, successful and Invincible 2017.

Get the full checklist here.  

Listen in as Suzanne walks you through the how-to's of 5 of the 17 tips from checklist including:

  1. Clean creates room for creativity to flow
  2. Organize your papers
  3. Clear the top of your desk
  4. Make a list of tasks you've started but not completed
  5. Taking total responsibility as a powerful key to delegating effectively

When you start by Clearing Your Clutter, you're setting the foundation for your most Invincible Year Yet!

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