Before coaching with Suzanne, I was frustrated and dealing with some past negative experiences that were affecting my emotions and spilling over into my business results.

During the coaching, I discovered that I was scared to try to change. Once I made the decision and went through the process and moved forward with Suzanne’s guidance and really listened, things changed. I also found that the stupid stuff that used to really bother me was no longer bothering me. I let go of all of the blocks that I had built up around me.

As a result, I am so much happier with myself and in my life. I know that I’ve changed and I now deal with people and things much differently and more calmly than before. I have grown exponentially in my personal life which has resulted in continuing to grow my already successful business to the next level.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to PLEASE just do it! Listen to her! It works!
— Heba Ahmed Malki, domilya GROUP Inc. and Send Out Cards
Before coaching with Suzanne, I was locked within my own emotions always got the best of me, I didn’t share my feeling with others because I would start to cry every time I started to share. I was afraid of what people thought of me always crying and was not as confident as I should be.

During the coaching, I discovered, who and I was and why I did the things that I did. I came to understand why I reacted the way I did. I learned that my emotions were holding me back from doing and saying a lot of the things that come naturally to most people.

As a result, I am more confident, in my self, my look, my business. I was the only person holding myself back. I know my husband sees a difference too, although I don’t think he dares mention it ;) Since I no longer am the European wife that needs to do everything for him. There is a level of respect in our relationship, where he understands and sees the value that I bring to our family....maybe that was always there, but I didn’t see it. In my business, I am confident, and not afraid to share my feelings and ideas with my partners. I have set goals and have increased my business.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne, in order to get the most out of your time with Suzanne, I believe that you need to be open minded. If you want to change or you want to see the difference, then listen to what she has to say, do the ‘homework’ and you will see results. Like everything else in life, you have to be ready to accept this in order for it to work. Thank you Suzanne.
— Ana C.
Before coaching with Suzanne, I had tried other coaches and other techniques and tools. I have been educating and programming my conscious mind for the past two decades. Yet, I still seemed to be totally blocked on reaching the success I truly “thought” I wanted. The only thing I knew for sure was that if “unleashed” I could be unstoppable and truly make huge impactful difference in the lives of people. My goal when I came to Suzanne was to increase my personal monthly income, substantially I might add!

From Suzanne’s coaching, I discovered what was truly stopping me from making money. I must admit that I had discoveries almost every single week, sometimes even daily!

As a result, my business increased by 500% in just a few short months. How crazy is that!!!! My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne… is don’t hesitate! Make a decision and most importantly, you’ve got to be all in to make it work! You can’t be partly committed to her programs… you need to make a full commitment! You have to be ALL IN to make it work!
— Lisa Reaume | The Marketing Energizer |
Before taking Unleashing Your Potential | Secrets to Being Invincible with Suzanne Longstreet, I struggled with closing a sale believing that money is not a topic for discussion. I discovered the power I have in me, the value I provide and that I no longer wish to give of myself for free! As a result, I will approach people with more confidence and take that “close” and nail it! I will speak to at least 20 people per week and will work with 2 clients per week. Sign up today, you deserve it!
— Anna S. Hill | Happiness Ambassador
Before taking Unleashing Your Potential | Secrets to Being Invincible with Suzanne Longstreet, I did not realize I had a lot of self-sabotaging going on. Fear of actually succeeding. From the course, I discovered that I was not allowing myself to close the sale or ask for help when I required it as my desire was not there. As a result, I will ask for the sale and make the money I deserve for myself and my family! For those thinking of taking this course with Suzanne...please take the course. Suzanne will help you through your blocks and get you on your journey of success.
— Barb Robinson | Legal Shield
Before attending NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I was feeling like I needed more tools and strategies to help my clients move forward faster.

From this course, I discovered...amazing tools that I can integrate into what I’m already doing and new processes and ways of packaging the new skills and tools into tangible services. As a result, I expect to see much faster growth and movement for my clients, big increase in income as well as an experience of intensified joy and passion for what I do.

My advice for those thinking of attending the NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet is do it for you and the people you love because everyone benefits from this type of growth!
— Kimberly Pereira | Inspired Minds Therapy
Before attending NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I struggled with a clear sense of direction for how I would transition my current business and services offered – that focus mainly on hands-on healing, to more mind shifting work to create more powerful and faster results for myself and my clients.

From this course, I ability to let go of needing, and having to feel in control, to trust myself and my abilities, skills and knowledge AND that I now know that I KNOW more than I thing I know. I have everything I need. We all do, inside ourselves. We have all the answers to heal ourselves. As a result, I expect to attract clients who are committed, have decided they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired AND want results fast and believe they can have them. I expect a 300% increase within my first year and am focused to make that happen.

My advice for those thinking of attending the NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet is don’t hesitate! Trust, have faith and move forward to your magnificence!
— Gina Bello |
Before attending NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I had built a weight loss business with a phenomenal product but the emotion/mental support was lacking.

From this course, I true passion and purpose for helping those struggling with their self-esteem due to weight challenges. As a result, I expect to attract hundreds of like-minded individuals that I truly enjoy helping reach their life potential and overcome their demons.

My advice for those thinking of attending the NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet is don’t think about it, just do it.
— Cara Melo |
Before attending NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet, I was stuck in my professional life, constantly searching for the “right fit” career.

From this course, I true calling, my deepest why and specific tools and techniques to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. As a result, I expect to see a six-figure income within 12 months with the tools and techniques and amazing leadership of Suzanne Longstreet.

My advice for those thinking of attending the NLP FasTRAK Training with Suzanne Longstreet is if you want transformation in your life, contact Suzanne and register!
— Anna Hill | Happiness Ambassador
Before taking the Krasner Hypnosis Certification Training with Suzanne Longstreet I had been a trainer in the anti-aging industry for 20 years. I was always interested in hypnosis because it had helped me tremendously in my own personal life. During the course I discovered how many people that hypnosis can help in so many ways. It was mind blowing the amount of opportunities that would be available after I had graduated.

As a result I have added Hypnosis Therapy to my area of expertise and found that in a few short months I have been able to double my clientele. My 30 hour work week has turned into a 45 hour work week just to keep up with seeing new clients that want to overcome something deep-rooted in their unconscious mind. Whether my client has wanted to stop biting their nails, eat less bread, stop smoking, overcome pain, or alleviate anxiety, I have been able to help and the results have been incredible. Most of my business already is from word of mouth. Soon I won’t be driving all over Ontario every day for long days as a medical trainer, but rather I will be working in the comfort of my own home where I have built a “Therapy Room”.

My advice for those thinking of taking the Krasner Hypnosis Certification Training with Suzanne Longstreet is whether you do it to help others or to help yourself you will achieve your goals and enjoy the course immensely.
— Cara Melo |
Before coaching with Suzanne I was in need of developing some policies, goals and plans for the future of my business. I often would put it aside as it never felt important enough. There were issues that needed to be dealt with. I would let them build rather than putting an end to them.
From Suzanne’s coaching, I discovered there are many simple solutions to some of the issues I was experiencing. I was able to vocalize more of the direction of my business through our ongoing discussions. Many of the policies and procedures I needed were easily achieved once we defined my goals and company statements.

We have sharpened up our proposals, made workers more efficient and deal with internal issues in a swift manner that feels right. We are much more on target with who our clients are, and what our expectations should be. We deliver better than ever to them in a much more efficient manner. Originally we expected to increase business by 33% this year. We are on pace to reach that and much more!

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is sign up today! Suzanne is great to work with. She listens well. She takes what she hears and applies it to your specific needs. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Suzanne. We are currently implementing many lessons from our discussions. Once that is complete, we expect to see Suzanne again to move on to the next step of growth!
— Mark Chyz | President |
Before coaching with Suzanne, I was disillusioned and not willing to look at the reality of my employment situation. I thought that I was a partner and was working like a partner, but I was not being treated as one. From Suzanne’s coaching, I discovered that I was really “just” an employee, and that in reality, it was never going to change. I was building someone else’s dream instead of my own. As a result, I made the decision to leave the position and take a leap of faith into building my own business and following my own passion and purpose. I felt supported and validated by Suzanne’s insight. My advice for those thinking of coaching with Suzanne is to be prepared for her to challenge how you are thinking and question your intentions.
Suzanne is great at really seeing through all the “stuff” we perceive as our real challenges, and is able to show you a clearer picture of the situation as it really is, not as we think it is. I loved working with her and definitely feel more confident in my own dream moving forward.
— Jenny McKee | Creating Inspirations
I have secured Suzanne’s services on a number of occasions over the past 18 months. Each time, she bought a refined clarity of vision that has enabled me effect significant positive change in my business and career. Suzanne’s approach is methodical yet creative, providing a unique blend of left-brain, right-brain application to my business challenges. In addition, Suzanne and I have partnered on a number of events and activities each of which has left me hankering for more. I would strongly recommend Suzanne as both a coach, facilitator, and trainer. Her Pinkpreneurs networking group and Hot Pink Candy workshops are both the highlight of my month.
— Michelle Emson | Owner & Creative Director | Sanctuary Studios |
Through Suzanne’s coaching, I learned to clearly identify what it is I want to achieve. Suzanne taught me how to focus positively and presently on my goals, while also helping me to acknowledge some limiting beliefs I had been holding on to. Suzanne’s energy and passion are contagious!
— Tenleigh Pearcy | Sales Representative | Keller Williams Edge |
I was delighted to spend time in a coaching session with Suzanne Smith. I’ve attended enough of her Pinkpreneurs meetings and Hot Pink Candy events to know that she has amazing ideas, offers great advice and truly has her clients’ best interests at heart. What I didn’t realize was that she performs magic! I’ve been struggling on my own with a tagline for my business, and within 3 minutes we got ‘er done! It’s simple, meaningful and so very impactful!
Suzanne coached me to get results: all while gently encouraging and challenging me to reach a bit higher. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Suzanne! You’ve injected this Happiness Ambassador with a booster shot of happiness!
— Anna S. Hill | Happiness Ambassador | The ASH Group |
I don’t know what I would have done without my personal and business life. Suzanne has provided me with so many “aha” moments through our time together, it’s unbelievable! She has been there for me on an unconditional and unbiased basis and has provided me with so many solutions that were right “under my nose”. She has guided me to a successful and prosperous business as an entrepreneur and has showed me how to believe in myself in a way that I just didn’t know and understand. Thank you Suzanne for being such a professional and for just being who you are!
— Linda Fogazzi | Mortgage Agent | Oakville, Ontario |
I have had the pleasure of having Suzanne Smith as my Business Coach. Suzanne has been able to give me clear focus, strategic suggestions and creative solutions. Through coaching calls and personal interactions, Suzanne is able to hone in on the details that I so frequently missed and enhanced my business plan to a level that I would never have been able to do alone. A professional, an inspiration and a mentor-Suzanne Smith has given me the tools to enhance and grow my business.
— Carolynne Malinowski | Milton, Ontario |
Suzanne IS the Clarity Coach! I attended her Key to Success workshop and left with a huge aha moment. She’s a dedicated professional who deeply wants you to succeed. Her natural capacity to coach underpins her intuitive, compassionate, positive attitude. In addition, her finely tuned listening skills coupled with her empathy naturally inspire one to move forward.
If you’re looking for someone who has a natural ability to coach coupled with training, Suzanne’s your coach!
— Debbie Dunne