Why No Is a Good Thing

I recently conducted a one day workshop with some fabulous Pinkpreneurs. As everyone discussed their business, goals and success. It was soon clear that everyone shared one giant fear. For some it was crippling while for others it was a huge realization on what has been stopping them from their greatest achievements.

What was that giant fear that was keeping them from their greatest success in business? It was the fear of being rejected when they asked for the sale.

I've heard this over and over from my clients over the past several years. The worry, the concern, the energy that is consumed in thinking about it. "What if I offer it to them and they say no?"

There. It's out in the open now. Let's shine a bright light on it and look at this differently.

Is everyone you know or talk to going to buy from you? The answer should be "no, that's just silly", right?  Anyone in sales has heard that you want to hear a firm "no" from people because you're getting closer to a yes. 

Go inside and ask yourself if you are asking for sales. Are you closing as much and as often as you can be? Or are you wishing and hoping that clients will find you and buy from you? I used to operate this way for years. Recently, I discovered some amazing tools and techniques that have helped me to move forward and ask for the sale. I used to be devastated when someone said "no". Now I choose to celebrate and look for people who say "yes'!

Here is something else to ask yourself. How many people are you waiting to hear back from? Have you made an offer and they have told you that they're thinking about it? Guess what? They have already decided that they don't want to buy from you and they don't want to tell you because they may hurt your feelings. Please, let them off the hook. Let them know you're good with a firm "no".

When you have someone who is not willing to give an answer, they are hurting themselves and you. They may be waffling in indecision and this is uncomfortable for them. Ask them to make a decision. This is for their highest and best good. Here's how it hurts you. As long as you're waiting for them to let you know if they're in or not, you're expending energy that could be focused on people who truly want your service or product.

For these reasons, getting a strong NO is a good thing.

Go out and get some no's. Then celebrate your yeses. They are coming. 


It's The Little Things...

It's Friday afternoon. It's sunny and getting warmer day by day. The grass is getting greener and the trees are starting to get a haze of green surrounding them. Soon we'll have some flowers.

I just had some chocolate and had a nice chat with a client who is kicking it in her business. Life is good.

I have a lot to do before I can end my day. I now work longer hours than I ever did in my corporate careers. I have never been happier in my life. Now I change lives. I see the transformation in myself and others every single day.

Truly, it's the little things in life that make me happy now. 

Is that age? Or is that just deciding to focus on what makes me happy?

What do you focus your attention on?



Are You Who You Are?

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
— Dr. Seuss

When I went to University and studied business and then later in my life as a Business Clarity Coach with the focus on coaching clients to build successful businesses, never, ever did I believe that I'd be quoting Dr. Seuss. 

And yet, here I am, today. Telling you that the key to your success in business is to be who you are. Connect with who you are. Be your unique self and shine your bright light out in the world. 

This is the best way I know to attract clients you love to work with.

So, be who you are and say what you feel and enjoy your life and business. I know, I am.

Discovering Your Purpose

Do you believe in your heart of hearts that you have knowledge and wisdom that you can use to guide others?

Do you know that your experiences in life have led you to this moment in this time so that you can share what you've learned about yourself to make it easier for others?

You have gone through these experiences so that you can heal yourself and then reach back and ease the pain of others. If you have gone through trauma, abuse or pain in your past and have an inner knowing and drive to assist others then you've discovered your purpose.

Congratulations. Woohoo. Celebrate this.

I'm here to tell you that there are other people out there right now who are where you were. There are people who are suffering like you did. People who are looking for the answer and don't know who to turn to.

They need you! They need you to shine your light. They need you to step out of your desire to be invisible and step into your invincibility.

I spent over 20 years searching for the solution on how to get past my story of abuse. For the first ten years I just shoved it down and ate as much sugar and carbs that I could get my hands on. Then for the next 10 years I searched for the solution outside of myself. I sought help from many others and while I had some ease, I didn't find the solution until about a year ago.

Imagine my surprise and delight that I had the answers inside of me to change myself all along. I discovered the magical ruby slippers just like Dorothy did. 

Today I am celebrating my discovery and coaching others to find their magical ruby slippers so they can shine their light in the world.

If you're still searching for your ruby slippers, then connect with me so we can put the order in for your size.

What's Your WHY?

When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact.
— Brandon Ivey

Have you connected with and truly know your WHY?

Have you figured out what it is that fuels you at such a deep and emotional level that you are brought to tears every time you share what you are truly passionate about?

When you are truly connected with your WHY, you will move mountains to build your business. Nothing will stand in your way. You will get up early if you hate getting out of bed before 9 a.m. and love it. You will get yourself to events in snow storms and not even second guess yourself. You will speak with more people and invite them to work with you because you believe in your value and what you are offering.

In short, you will do what you previously would never had considered because you know your WHY. You've connected with that spark deep within you that others need you to shine so that they too can spark their brilliance.

When you know at your deepest level what your purpose is in the world, how you're meant to serve and what lights you up from the inside, you will discover that everything you do and everyone you meet will fire you up to do more and be more.

You know you've connected with your WHY if....

.... you are doing more with less time and seeing more results in your business than ever before. .....you have more energy at the end of your day because of the lives you've transformed.

This is how you'll know. 

So, have you connected with your WHY?